Beer Review – Bud Light


Bud Light is a lager style beer, brewed in the U.S. by Anheuser-Busch. A staple of American bars, liquor and grocery stores, it has an ABV of 4.2%

About the Brand

Odds are, you are already fairly familiar with the Bud Light brand. Even those outside of North America will recognize this brand due to its pervasive position in U.S. pop-culture.

The iconic Bud Light is one of Budweiser’s flagship brands and consequently has a huge advertising and marketing budget. Over the years, Bud Light has been fairly innovative with some campaigns, very meh with others and, in the case of a 2015 campaign, highly questionable.

Marketing opinions aside, its hard to deny that Bud Light is one of the most widely recognizable brands in the U.S., but is it any good….?

About the Beer

The answer to that question, my friends, depends on who you ask. When it comes to Bud Light, there seems to be three major schools of opinion. I know people who LOVE Bud Light and will rarely be seen at a major event without one in hand. I know people who DESPISE this brand and see it as a stain on the American beer market. And then, for lack of a better term, there’s…


Not necessarily like that, but I would highly recommend this show.

I’m referring to those who are incredibly ambivalent towards Bud Light. And that category, my friends, is exactly where you will find me.

Yes, this beer is watery tasting, doesn’t really smell like a beer and is remarkable in exactly zero ways, but its also drinkable enough. Would I ever go out and buy a 6 pack of it? Probably not. Would I buy a case? Absolutely not. But would I drink this beer in a pinch? Yes, yes I would.

If you care enough about beer to read a beer blog, you have almost certainly tried this at least once. And if you’ve tried it, you have almost certainly developed a deep-seated opinion of where this beer sits in the grand scheme of things. I’m not going to be able to sway you, and I’m not really interested in trying.


If you like Bud Light, drink it. If you don’t like Bud Light, don’t. If like me, you really don’t care that much, drink it occasionally and move on to something better when you get a chance.

Rating: 3/10

Fun Fact

In lieu of a question, I figured I would leave a little tid-bit for you. At both my, and my brother in law’s weddings, Bud Light was BY FAR the least drunk beer. Consequently, there’s always a steady supply of Bud Light laying around when you stop by my place.


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