Beer Review – Bombshell Blonde


Bombshell Blonde is an ale brewed by Southern Star Brewing Company of Conroe, TX. It has an ABV of 5.25%.

About the Brand

Founded in 2007, Southern Star is a rapidly growing brewing company based in Conroe, TX. Despite its short operational history, Southern Star has steadily grown its name and distribution. The brewery now distributes its wares in Texas, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina.

Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde is one of its four brews available year round. It also offers a series of seasonal, specialty and other limited-run brews.

According to its website, Southern Star offers free brewery tours on Saturdays. I guess I’ll have to put that on my to-do list!

About the Beer

Full disclosure, I had never heard of Southern Star prior to picking up this beer. I was at Central Market, putting together a “build-your-own 6 pack” and picked Bombshell Blonde up on a whim. Of all the brews selected that day, Bombshell Blonde was the winner.

I went in with no expectations and was incredibly happy with what greeted me. When poured into a glass, Bombshell Blonde presents with a slightly cloudy, mid yellow color and a medium sized head.

Its a slightly hoppy smell is mirrored by its taste. The consistency is smooth and creamy and the gentle addition of hops really helps to punctuate the flavor without overpowering it. This also translates to a palatable aftertaste that is not overly bitter.

I can see Bombshell Blonde being enjoyed in many different situations. I think it would work out well on the beach, at the river or in any other outdoor adventure. Its pleasant flavor would support many different cuisines and lend itself well to almost any meal I could think of.


I was pleasantly surprised by Souther Star’s Bombshell Blonde! This brew has firmly placed the brewery on my radar and I look forward to tasting more of their options moving forward. I highly recommend that you go out and try this beer!

Rating: 8/10

Question of the Day

What is the best beer you ever tried on a whim? Let us know!


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  1. The best beer I ever tried on a whim and the best beer I’ve ever had was a beer named 4 from Freetail. If you ever get a chance to drink it, do it.

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