Beer Review – Brooklyn Pilsner


Brooklyn Pilsner is a German pilsner style beer brewed by Brooklyn Brewery in New York City. It has an ABV of 5.1%.

About the Brand

Opened in the 1980s, to bring back the rich beer culture of pre-Prohibition New York City, Brooklyn Brewery aimed to make a splash in a market dominated by Miller, Coors and Budweiser.

On the back of a $500,000 investment from family and friends, Steve Hindy and and Tom Potter rekindled Brooklyn’s brewing scene, delivering their first cases of beer in 1988. Over the past 30 odd years, Brooklyn Brewery’s portfolio has grown to include 16 perennial brews and a plethora of seasonal, speciality brews.

To this day, the Brooklyn Brewery maintains a dedication to the community it calls home, striving to uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

About the Beer

Brooklyn Pilsner is a light and refreshing brew. Its clear, light yellow body pulls a slight head when poured into a glass. Flavor wise, a light sweetness is followed up by a well balanced, slight bitterness.

Upon popping its cap, I was immediately met with a comforting aroma, typical of european lagers and pilsners. Brooklyn Pilsner’s pleasant flavor and light texture make it a highly drinkable brew. I would recommend pairing it with a pizza or a steak (mind you, few beers don’t pair well with either).


As my first foray into Brooklyn Brewery’s offerings, I was pleasantly surprised by Brooklyn Pilsner. A solid beer that could be enjoyed in all sorts of situations, I would happily purchase and drink this brew again.

Rating: 7/10

Question of the Day

Which Brooklyn Brewery beer is your favorite?


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