Beer Review – Shiner Wicked Ram IPA


Wicked Ram is an IPA brewed by the Spoetzl Brewery in Texas and bottled as a Shiner brand. It has an ABV of 6.0%

About the Brand

The Spoetzl Brewery, based in Shiner, is one of the better known breweries in the state of Texas. While its year-round Shiner Bock is probably its best known product, Shiner has developed a reputation for creating great seasonal and limited run brews.

Wicked Ram IPA is one of Shiner’s perennial brews. It’s generally fairly easy to find and the bottle I sampled came in the Shiner Family Reunion six-pack, purchased in May 2017.


About the Beer

I am going to preface this review by saying that I, personally, am not a fan of most IPA’s. Typically, they are far too bitter for me to enjoy them. For that reason, Shiner Wicked Ram started with a rather severe handicap. However, I know a lot of people really enjoy IPA and thus will likely completely disagree with me. That said…

Wicked Ram has a dark color and a slight haze. Upon opening the bottle, I was immediately met with the deep, hoppy aroma I feared to encounter. When poured into a glass, Wicked Ram develops a significant head very easily.

Reluctantly, I tasted the beer and my fears were confirmed. Wicked Ram IPA is, in my opinion, unpleasantly bitter. Whereas I can appreciate hops followed by a lighter after taste, Wicked Ram’s aftertaste provides no shelter. The bitter notes of each mouthful build upon each other, an experience I found incredibly unpleasant.

Even when I don’t enjoy a beer, I will generally finish it to observe the entire experience. In this case, I simply couldn’t do it. I made it through about half the bottle and threw in the towel. Wicked Ram simply wasn’t for me.


Wicked Ram is a bitter IPA. For some this will be welcomed and enjoyed news. For those like me, this makes it unpleasant to the point that it is undrinkable. Wicked Ram gets a hard pass from me. I have no intention of drinking it again.

Question of the Day

Are you an IPA drinker? If so, which is your favorite?


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