Beer Review – Singha


Singha is a Euro-style pale lager brewed in Thailand by the Boon Rawd Bewery Co. It has an ABV of 5%.

About the Brand

Singha beer was founded by Phya Bhirom Bhakdi, known as “Boon Rawd” who had sampled many imported beers and believed Thailand could produce a beer of equal quality. In 1933, Boon Rawd was granted a license to brew beer by the Thai government. The first bottles of Singha were brewed in 1934.

Following the 1950 passing of Boon Rawd, Singha beer’s production grew tremendously. In 1955, production increased from 5,000L (1320 gal) to 12,000L (3170 gal) per hour. By 1970, Singha was being exported. In 2013, Boon Rawd Brewery celebrated its 80th birthday.

About the Beer

Singha is light yellow, translucent and highly carbonated. When poured into a glass it builds a medium head.

It’s clear to see that Boon Rawd was inspired by foreign beer. Singha smells similar to a number of European lagers. Its flavor also supports a European influence. Unlike many other Asian lagers, Singha has a reasonable bitterness about it. However, it maintains the light and refreshing texture shared by other Asian brews such as Asahi and 333. This balance of initial bitterness and crisp, refreshing aftertaste make it particularly pleasant to drink.

While I have never been to Thailand, I can imagine this beer would be a welcome refuge in a hot and humid climate. It has enough personality to let you know you are drinking a beer while remaining very light and refreshing.


I was very happy with Singha. A decent bitterness coupled with a light, crisp aftertaste creates a highly drinkable brew. I highly recommend beer drinkers of any taste to try Singha. I will definitely buy it again.

Rating: 7/10

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