Beer Review – Shiner Light Blonde


Shiner Light Blonde is an American pale lager style brew, made in Shiner, Texas. It has an ABV of 4.2%.

About the Brand

The Spoetzl Brewery, based in Shiner, is one of the better known breweries in the state of Texas. While its year-round Shiner Bock is probably its best known product, Shiner has developed a reputation for creating great seasonal and limited run brews.

Shiner Light Blonde is one of Shiner’s seasonal brews, with limited availability in the spring. However, at that time it’s generally fairly easy to find and the bottle I sampled came in the Shiner Family Reunion six-pack, purchased in May 2017.


About the Beer

Shiner Light Blonde, as the name would suggest, is a light/pale color and is transparent. Visually, it is similar to more mainstream light beers such as Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light.

Texture wise the similarity continues. Shiner Light Blonde is very thin and watery, similar to the aforementioned budget beers. However, when taste in concerned, there is a noticeable difference. Whereas the other three brews, and their competitive counterparts, are known for lacking flavor and being incredibly watery, Shiner Light Blonde actually tastes like a beer. Small amounts of hops and malt flavors break the mould in this category.

While many avid beer drinkers will likely be disappointed and underwhelmed, Shiner Light Blonde is a pleasant step up on many of its direct competitors. With its light flavors, thin texture and high carbonation, it is very refreshing while not overly interesting.


Shiner Light Blonde’s motto is “light done right”, which I find appropriate. Many people aren’t going to be interested in a beer of this style but, when considering the competition, Shiner Light Blonde is the best I’ve had by quite some margin.

Rating: 7.5/10

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