Battle of the Beers – June Reviews

Another month is in the books and 2017 is flying by. I reviewed a total of 15 brews in the month of June! These rankings highlight my thoughts of each beer from worst to first and are purely my opinion. You may not agree, and that’s completely fine!

Without further ado, let’s start with number 15

15: Shiner Wicked Ram IPA

Hops can be overwhelming when not done right. There’s few things worse than a beer that’s so bitter all you can taste by mouthful number 3 is straight up bitterness. Unfortunately, Shiner’s Wicked Ram simply didn’t get the balance right for my taste. That said, I know plenty of people who love it. Read the full review here.

14: Brooklyn Pilsner

First and foremost, Brooklyn Pilsner is not a bad beer. It just had the misfortune of being reviewed in a month full of beers I enjoyed. It tastes fine and is pleasant enough to drink, it just doesn’t have the “it” factor to compete with some of the other brews on this list. Read the full review here.

13: Kirin Ichiban

Like Brooklyn Pilsner, Kirin Ichiban is a reasonable beer. It is definitely a classier brew than many of the mainstream lagers available in the U.S. and would be perfect on a hot, humid day, but it is not strong enough to compete with some of the other brews higher up. Definitely worth drinking, probably not worth writing home about. Read the full review here.

12: Sea Dog Wild Blueberry

In recent times, I have tried a number of fruit based beers, and while I was skeptical at the outset, I have enjoyed the vast majority of them. Sea Dog, again, fits into the category of the last few brews. In and of itself it’s not bad, it’s just nothing special. I was a little let down by the promise of blueberry that I feel was under-delivered. That said, you probably won’t hate it. I’m just not inspired to buy it again. Read the full review here.

11: Shiner Light Blonde

One of the six beers found in Shiner’s Family Reunion 6 Pack, this beer is reasonable. When compared to many of the mainstream “light beers”, such as Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light, Shiner’s version brings more traditional beer elements to the table. It smells more like beer, it tastes more like beer, but it is not ready to compete with the best of this month. Read the full review here.

10: Original Sin Cider

While technically not a beer, I did enjoy Original Sin. Its dry flavor was a pleasant departure from the sickly-sweetness of other major players in the space. I would recommend picking this up if you’re looking for a cider. Read the full review here.

9: Blue Moon

Blue Moon is my go-to “economy” beer. It’s widely available and comparably priced to the Budweisers, Millers and Coors of the world. In my opinion, it is much better than most mainstream brands found U.S. wide, but I am also an admitted fan of wheat beer. Definitely a safe option, but unable to compete with some of the other brews below. Read the full review here.

8: Singha

Singha surprised me. I had not tried this Thai beer before, and assumed it would be fairly non-threatening and homogenous like many other lagers from Asia. While it didn’t pack a mighty punch, it exceeded my expectations, tasting quite a bit like many European style lagers from which it draws inspiration. All in all a decent brew. Read the full review here.

7: Bombshell Blonde

This is where things get much tougher. In a month of many excellent beers, Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde is an unfortunate casualty. I really enjoyed this beer, and in a weaker month I imagine it would have made top 5, if not top 3, but its competition just managed to edge it out. Definitely worth picking up! Read the full review here.

6: The Don Jalapeño Ale

I acquired The Don as a gift from my brother in law. It’s a beer I probably wouldn’t have picked up from the shelf personally, but it was a positive experience. While my palate was initially confused, the complexity of this beer makes it truly special. With the initial taste of decent ale, followed by a wave of smoke and finally by a punch of heat, this beer is unlike anything I had tried before. While I don’t expect this to be everyone’s cup of tea, I definitely think you should pick it up if you find it! Read the full review here.

5: EOS Hefeweizen

EOS is a wonderful beer. As someone who loves wheat beers, EOS is easily one of the best I’ve had. I truly believe this beer would have finished top three in a different month, but fate was not on its side. Listen to me when I say, TRY THIS BEER. Nebraska Brewing Company really knocked it out of the park on this one! Read the full review here.

4: Arrogant Bastard

This beer has an attitude and a reputation. It will punch you in the mouth and demand your respect. While its initial bitterness is strong, it is somewhat fleeting, which makes this a truly great beer. I respect the bitterness but don’t want to drown in it. Unlike Wicked Ram, Arrogant Bastard does a masterful job balancing the flavor to make a truly wonderful beer. Rise to meet the Arrogant Bastard, if you’re game. Read the full review here.

Tied 2: Fugli

Oskar Blues nailed the IPA with this one. While I typically dislike IPAs, Fugli is the right mix of sweet and bitter. By including fruit flavors and dialing down the bitter after taste, Fugli has embodied the perfect kind of IPA, in my opinion. I highly recommend checking it out! Read the full review here.

Tied 2: Hill Country Peach Wheat

Shiner’s limited release brew is an excellent combination of fruit flavors with traditional beer. Where my fear is often that the fruit will be overpowered or overpowering, Shiner really drew the best out of the peaches without ruining the brew. Definitely one to try before it’s gone for good. Read the full review here.

1: Passion Fruit Kicker

This beer is damn good. The slightly sour tang of the passionfruit is masterfully added to what is a superb beer. While Greenflash is known for its IPAs, this beer is absolutely superb. Understandably, the name of the beer will likely put any off immediately, but trust me, this beer is INSANELY GOOD. If you see it, buy it and drink it. You can thank me later. Read the full review here.

So there we have it. 15 beers down in the month of June. Have you tried all of these beers? Do you agree with my ranking? Let me know!




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  1. At the outset of this, i never wouldve thought a passion fruit beer would be number one lol. Amazing what broadening your horizons does

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