Beer Review – Lost Gold IPA

  • Name: Lost Gold
  • Brewery: Real Ale Brewing
  • Style: IPA
  • Origin: Texas
  • ABV: 6.6%

If you’ve kept up with my previous reviews, you will be familiar with my less-than-friendly relationships with IPAs. In my June review rankings, an IPA finished dead last, and another finished second overall. In many cases, I find that IPAs are overly bitter, meaning that by the third or fourth mouthful they are no longer enjoyable to drink.

When recently shopping for beers to review, I came across Real Ale’s Lost Gold IPA. Having thoroughly enjoyed Real Ale’s Fireman’s 4, Devil’s Backbone and Pinsetter (reviews coming soon), I figured I would trust them to do IPA right. As I had hoped, Real Ale got this one right.

Real Ale Lost Gold IPA beer
Real Ale Lost Gold IPA
When poured into a glass, Lost Gold IPA presents with a golden brown hue. It is hazy and has a hoppy aroma. It developed little head and has very little carbonation. Its mouth-feel is very light and refreshing.

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The initial flavor of Lost Gold is fairly unassuming, but it quickly goes from 0 to 60. As it sits, the beer builds a rush of hoppy bitterness, culminating in a flavor that really pushes the boundaries of balance. Once the mouthful passes, the bitterness holds for a few moments and then slowly winds down to a near zero-base. This deceleration allows Lost Gold to be an enjoyable beer to drink. Whereas I find some IPAs that maintain their bitterness unenjoyable as you soon cannot taste anything else, Lost Gold IPA did not fall into this trap


Lost Gold IPA is yet another example of great craft brew by a talented Real Ale brewery. If, like me, you are wary of many IPAs, Lost Gold will not overwhelm you like many others can. I recommend picking up and trying Real Ale’s Lost Gold IPA.

Rating: 8/10

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Learn more about Lost Gold IPA at the website, Untappd and Beer Advocate.


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  1. No question today eh? The description of the hops fading away reminds me of Fat Tire’s hopadillo ipa. It did the same thing

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