Beer Review – Kalik

  • Name: Kalik
  • Brewery: Commonwealth Brewery
  • Style: American Lager
  • Origin: Bahamas
  • ABV: 5%

On a recent trip to my local Total Wine and More store, looking for beers to review, I came across a beer I had never heard of before in the “Americas” section. Kalik is a lager brewed in the Bahamas. Interestingly, I had never tried a beer from the Caribbean and so I figured I would give it a shot.


The first thing that caught my eye on the shelf was the presentation of Kalik’s bottle. In a sea of green and brown beer bottles, it was one of the few made of clear glass. Its vibrant yellow color and bright blue branding was appealing to the eye and definitely made it stand out amongst many greens and reds. Unfortunately, the aesthetic of the bottle is one of the few redeeming qualities of this incredibly mediocre lager.

Kalik has a rather damp, skunk-y smell that telegraphs the rest of the experience. It has a very smooth, light mouthfeel and a surprisingly deep flavor for such a pale lager. Unfortunately for Kalik, that flavor is not enjoyable. The eau de skunk that harasses your nose manifests in a particularly earthy and  unpleasant taste. If sweaty, old workout clothes had a taste, I imagine Kalik is pretty close.

As mentioned before, the mouthfeel is light. This beer is very highly carbonated and thus has a refreshing texture. As you may have guessed, this just isn’t enough to combat the horrid flavor.

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you would know that I try to keep things fairly friendly. Even in the case of beers I don’t enjoy, I typically try to find some good. Kalik makes this very difficult. This beer is just bad, plain and simple.

I really wouldn’t recommend anyone try this beer as there are so many better lagers on the market. I will almost certainly not drink another Kalik again.


Kalik likes to market itself as the “Pride of the Bahamas”. For the sake of the Bahamas, which I hear are very nice, I really hope this isn’t true. Kalik is one of the worst beers I have ever tasted.

Rating: 1/10

Question of the Day

What is the worst beer you have ever tried? Let me know!

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  1. Worst beer i ever tried is tough…. more than likely it was an IPA. Most recently I tried that seguin brew co’s texas honey pecan beer and it was not enjoyable. I also do not like Corona at all

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