Beer Review – Prima Pils

  • Name: Prima Pils
  • Brewery: Victory Brewing Company
  • Style: Pilsner
  • Origin: Pennsylvania
  • ABV: 5.3%

Keeping up with the summer theme, I decided to review Victory Brewing Company’s Prima Pils! What’s better on a hot summer day than a clean, crisp, refreshing pilsner beer? Would Victory’s offering meet expectations? Or would this be a mediocre player in a heavily saturated market?

Victory presents a transparent, light straw color, typical of the pilsner style. It is highly carbonated and developed a large, foamy head when poured into a glass. Malt was the predominate aroma, again what could be reasonably expected of a pilsner style beer.

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Flavor wise, Victory’s Prima Pils is more developed than one would probably expect from a pilsner. Its thick mouthfeel holds a strong, malty flavor that – while primarily sweet –  is surprisingly bitter. It is considerably more developed than the majority of beers in the American market. When compared to say, a Miller Lite, it’s much stronger flavored and pleasant to drink.

The hoppy-ness of the beers body translates to its aftertaste. It holds momentarily and gives way to a predominately sweet flavor. Each mouthful starts with a nice, clean palate, as the flavors don’t hold very long, meaning that each gulp is consistently flavored.

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Victory Brewing Company has a reputation for producing very good beer. Although this isn’t the best pilsner beer I have ever had, it is a very nice brew. As my first experience of their offerings, I was impressed and look forward to an opportunity to try more of their brews in the future.


Victory Brewing Company’s Prima Pils beer is a well-built and balanced pilsner beer. It has a typically sweet flavor profile, but is surprisingly bitter compared to many other pilsner beers on the market. I would highly recommend trying this beer if you enjoy pilsners.

Rating: 7/10


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