Beer Revew – Samuel Adams Berliner Weisse

  • Name: Berliner Weisse
  • Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
  • Style: Berliner Weissbier
  • Origin: Massachusetts
  • ABV: 4.8%

The Samuel Adams Beers of Summer Variety pack is an interesting group of brews. Of course, the flagship Boston Lager is included. My first “new” choice of the pack, the Summer Ale, failed to meet my expectations. It seemed confused as to what it hoped to be, and so it really didn’t become anything distinguishable. It was bitter, its was sour, it was meh. After a couple weeks rest, I decided to have another crack at the 12-pack, this time selecting the Berliner Weisse. As a wheat beer fan, I was cautiously optimistic.

Beliner Weisse
Samuel Adams’ Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse pours a translucent, very pale yellow color. It is very highly carbonated and builds a tall head that quickly dissipates. Its aroma is wheaty and malty, with a strong overtone of lemon. At this point, I was beginning to worry that it may be a repeat of the lemony mess that was the Summer Ale. The beer has a light, smooth mouthfeel.

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The flavor begins as a fairly typical, but somewhat toned down, witbier flavor. Soon after, a rush of tingly citrus flavors takes control. This time Samuel Adams got it right. Maybe the subtle flavors are more receptive of the sour citrus notes than the ale ingredients were, but this beer just works.

The aftertaste briefly holds the crisp, slightly sour citrus, before quickly dissipating to almost zero. What’s left is a hint of sweetness, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each mouthful was consistent, from start to finish.

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While I was fairly disappointed by my last Samuel Adams encounter, this beer was a redeeming factor. I have three more beers to try and I am looking forward with improved optimism. I hear many people complain about Samuel Adams, citing what could be considered a fairly middle-ground lager, but I think the Berliner Weisse is a clear step above.


Samuel Adams’ Berliner Weisse is a solid beer. The wheat beer is hospitable to the citrusy flavors, resulting in what is a very crisp and refreshing summer brew. Where their Summer Ale was disappointing, I believe Berliner Weisse was a redeeming factor. I am unsure if you can pick this beer up as an individual bottle or part of its own six pack, but if you can find it you should definitely try it.

Rating: 8/10

Question of the Day

Have you tried the Samuel Adams Beers of Summer variety pack? Which was your favorite brew?

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