Beer Review – Andygator

  • Name: Andygator
  • Brewery: Abita Brewing Co.
  • Style: Helles Dopplebock
  • Origin: Louisiana
  • ABV: 8.0%

Abita makes awesome beer. That’s a clearly established fact. Since trying my first Abita brew in May, I have tried two more and all three have been great. Of those, their spring seasonal offering, Strawberry Lager, is one of my favorite beers I have tried since starting this website. Time and again, I received recommendations to try Andygator, and I was happy to oblige.

Abita Brewing Co’s Andygator
Andygator pours a transparent, light amber color. Its highly carbonated body builds a strong, tall head. It has a light, malty aroma, similar to many lager style beers.

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Unsurprisingly, it has a nice, crisp and thin mouthfeel, it doesn’t feel like a beer with an 8.0% ABV. That said, it is quite deep flavor wise. Rich, malty flavors are accentuated by a surge of hoppy bitterness. The flavors are balanced well and very complimentary. All in all, the flavor profile gets an A+. I could see myself drinking several of these in one sitting.

The aftertaste experience maintains the powerful momentum. The bitter notes check out leaving a strong parting gift, quickly losing strength but holding on just enough. This allows for a pleasant experience as it doesn’t facilitate a bitter build. Each mouthful is consistent with gulp 6 tasting just like gulp 1, something I really appreciate about it.

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Yet again, Abita has risen to the occasion with a wonderful beer. If you’re yet to check out this Louisiana brew house, you are seriously missing out. It’s not common that I enjoy every beer put out by a brewery, but so far so good with my neighbors to the east. I suggest trying this one, as well as Strawberry Lager, Purple Haze and Blueberry Wheat. I’m really looking forward to their IPA I have waiting in the fridge.


Andygator is a well balanced and surprisingly session-able beer, considering its high ABV. A light mouthfeel houses a rich malty and hoppy flavor that maximizes its flavor profile without becoming overwhelming. Abita continues to amaze me with their superb brews, and I would recommend any of those that I’ve tried. If you haven’t had an Abita brew yet, fix that. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 7.5/10

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