Brews and Bud: Sparking Up a Friendship?

Note: At the time of publishing, marijuana remains illegal in the eyes of the U.S. Government. Control, access and legal status varies from state to state. Please adhere to the local laws governing the use of marijuana in your region’s jurisdiction. Sargent Suds does not advocate the illegal use of marijuana. This article is not legal advice.

Over the last few years, the United States has become increasingly open to Marijuana. Between multiple polls, public debates and the sweeping legislative changes seeing states increasingly accept medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use, it’s clear that the United States of America is increasingly “green” friendly.

States such as Colorado, which legalized recreational use of marijuana in a 2012 election, have seen tremendous fiscal benefits in having done so. In fact, since beginning the regulated sale of marijuana, in January 2014, Colorado has raised half a billion dollars in taxes (as of July 2017).

While the federal government continues to classify marijuana as a schedule one drug – on the same level as heroin, LSD and ecstasy – many Americans are now able to purchase marijuana and marijuana derivative products. It seems highly improbable that the Trump Administration will adjust the federal laws affecting marijuana, but as of publishing they have not cracked down on the states that allow the sale and consumption of the drug.

As there is a certain amount of cross over in the common affects of alcohol and marijuana, one could assume that those who enjoy a beer or two may also experiment with marijuana. And with a plethora of marijuana infused products on the market, it only makes sense that beer would become one of those products. Well, America, that day has arrived. But there’s a catch.

Green Rush Daily reports that earlier this week, Lagunitas officially released their first weed-infused beer. But the catch is this, the beer will not get you stoned. The beer, named SuperCritical, although infused with marijuana, contains no THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana that produces many of its sought after affects). So what is the point?

Trends indicate that some millennials are preferring weed over hops. While the brew doesn’t get the drinker high, it could be seen as an effort to capture the interests of those active in the weed market. A September, 2016, article also published by Green Rush Daily sheds some light on why THC remains absent from weed-infused beers. Firstly, THC remains illegal on a federal level. Secondly, brewers such as Lagunitas and Dad and Dudes Breweria envision a tough fight to have a beer with two intoxicants (alcohol and THC) approved for sale by regulatory bodies.

With that said, nothing stands between those in weed-friendly states such as Colorado, Washington, California and co. from getting “cross-faded” the old fashioned way. If you’re of legal age and in a recreational state, the option to consume alcohol and marijuana the conventional ways, simultaneously, alway exists. Just don’t tell Mr. Trump.

SuperCritical is only available in the state of California, at this point. There does not appear to be any intention to launch the brew in other states.

So what are your thoughts about the relationship between weed and alcohol? Is there room for both, or will the seemingly impending nation-wide legalization take a giant bite out of the alcohol industry?

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  1. Interesting, I think that the legalization of it will continue to spread to other states. I don’t however think that it’ll adversely affect the beer industry.

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