Battle of the Beers – August Reviews

August was a crazy week in San Antonio. From an eclipse to a hurricane, it’s been one of the oddest months of my life. Amongst the madness, I managed to review 15 beers and also published eight articles about the beer industry. Let’s start with the beer reviews from worst to first.

15 – Tyksie Gronie


This was not a hard choice. Tyskie was easily the least inspired beer of this month. When I posted about it, I was quickly met with cries of disgust by Polish beer enthusiasts. I can only assume that Tyskie Gronie is the Polish equivalent of a Bud Light – cheap, generally available and incredibly mediocre in almost every way. Read the full review here.

14 – Branchline Brewing Silver and Black IPA

Realistically speaking, this is not a bad beer. It just doesn’t fit my preferred taste. The best way to describe it is an IPA meets a Stout. A sweet, piney IPA aroma and a smokey, coffee based stout flavor was too out there for me – and I don’t like coffee. That said, I’m sure plenty of others would enjoy this brew. Read the full review here.

13 – Goose Island Summertime Kolsch

Goose Island Summer Time Kolsch
Goose Island Summer Time Kolsch
In a summer month, it only stands to reason that I would try a number of summer brews. While I did enjoy Goose Island’s seasonal offering, it definitely played it safe and was fairly forgettable. A reasonable drink, just not that memorable. Read the full review here.

12 – Southern Star Conspiracy Theory


I loved Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde. IPA’s are not my favorite because I find that many are too bitter for me to enjoy. Unfortunately this was one of those instances. However, I can appreciate that the flavor was great before the bitterness built up too much. If you’re into IPA, you will like this one. Read the full review here.

11 – Oskar Blues Priscilla


I love wheat beers. I am always stoked to get an opportunity to try a new one. Oskar Blues’ Priscilla was not a bad beer, but it just wasn’t remarkable. If you drink it, you’ll probably enjoy it, but there’s better witbier out there. Read the full review here.

10 – Samuel Adams Berliner Weisse

Beliner Weisse

One of the better Samuel Adam’s beers I’ve tried from their summer 12 pack, but definitely not for everyone. August was a strong month review wise, and the Berliner Weisse would likely have placed higher against other competition. Read the full review here.

9 – Victory Prima Pils

Victory gets a great wrap as a well respected brewery and I enjoyed Prima Pils. It’s a nice and refreshing pilsner and definitely one to try. I understand the hype of this brand and am looking forward to trying more of their brews in the future. Read the full review here.

8 – Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

In the State of Texas, Saint Arnold is well known for putting together delicious brews. Their Fancy Lawnmower brew is a solid option for someone who’s looking for a kolsch-style beer that’s available year round. Don’t drink a Bud Light, drink this instead. Read the full review here.

7 – Pilsner Urquell

Pislner Urquell makes the bold claim of being the original pilsner beer, brewed in Pilsen, Czech Republic for many years. And it shows. This is an awesome beer with a nice, deep flavor (considering its color and style) that maintains the crisp refreshing qualities of a pilsner beer. I would highly recommend this. Read the full review here.

6 – Saint Arnold Summer Pils

Saint Arnold Summer Pils

Served ice-cold, Saint Arnold’s seasonal brew is absolutely delicious. When it’s 100 degrees out, as it so often is in Texas, this is the kind of beer I want to be drinking. If you’re looking for a bitter, rich, hoppy brew, this is not your beer. But if you want to break the heat, reach for Saint Arnold. Read the full review here.

5 – Stone Ripper Pale Ale

California’s Stone Brewing is a juggernaut in the craft beer scene. With is offshoot, Arrogant Bastard, its Tangerine Express and Ruination, Stone is all over the social media profiles of beer nerds all over America. As my first Stone brew, Ripper helped me understand the hype. I would definitely recommend picking this beer up. Read the full review here.

4 – Deschutes Hop Slice Summer Ale

Descheutes Hop Slice Summer Ale

This was my favorite brew of my Battle of the Beers – Summer Brews. What really impressed me was Deschutes’ willingness to stray from the status quo of light, straw colored and carbonated. The beer isn’t the deepest or most robust I have ever tried, but its surprisingly complex and absolutely delicious. Nice work Deschutes! Read the full review here.

3 – Abita Andygator


Since the first time I tried an Abita brew, I have been a massive fan. Over the past few months, I’ve tried a number of their beers. While some are better than others, they have all been good. Andygator is an excellent beer. I still think the Strawberry Lager is my favorite, if you’re not into fruit beers Andygator is a great choice. Read the full review here.

2 – Russian River Pliny the Elder

If you’re a beer fan, you almost certainly know about Pilny the Elder. One of the oldest and most prolific craft beers in the US, Pliny has developed somewhat of a cult following. It’s not easy to get hands on, particularly if you live in Texas, so when I was offered an opportunity to trade for it, I seized it with both hands. It’s a powerful, yet well balanced, IPA that beer drinkers of all persuasions can enjoy. Read the full review here.

1 – Real Ale Devil’s Backbone

Real Ale Brewing is probably my favorite Texan brewery. Every one of their beers I have ever tried has been a wonderful experience. Devil’s Backbone, in my opinion, is the best of the best. It has an awesome flavor, is highly drinkable and clocks in with an ABV of more than 8%. It really is the best of all worlds. If you see this beer I highly recommend picking it up. You will not regret it! Read the full review here.

Beer Industry Articles

August saw me branch out from reviews for the first time, putting together a handful of topical articles about the beer industry. The topics covered in August included:

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