Brew News – Are You The Biggest Beer Nerd?

Well, heres your chance to prove it. Did I mention that first prize is free beer for life?

Now that I’ve got your attention, here are the details. Denver-based Wynkoop Brewing is looking for its Beer Drinker of the Year. But don’t be fooled, the competition is a little more complex than the name may suggest.

While drinking beer is part of the equation, the successful champion of beers must also know “(a) great deal about how beer is made, it’s legend and lore, and can demonstrate the range and depth of their beeriness.” To ascertain this, the brewery is hosting an online quiz, with three successful and personable applicants selected to compete in a live 2 hour competition in Denver on October 4.

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The champion Beer Drinker of the Year receives a crown of hops, free beer from Wynkoop for life and tickets to the 2018 Great American Beer Festival.

Window, Middle or Aisle?

Transporting craft beer can be a bit of conundrum. While half the fun of traveling is experiencing the beers at your destination, if you find one that takes your fancy it can be a pain in the ass to get it home. You could box it up and contribute it towards your baggage quota, but then you also need to pray to the beer gods that the baggage handlers don’t abuse your precious suds. Well fret no more, if you’re traveling from Nashville that is.

Nashville-based Tennessee Brew Works now have a kiosk in the local airport, and travelers can buy four and six packs of five of their offerings after clearing the checkpoint. This leaves you free to take your precious booze with you on the next leg of your trip. Just don’t plan on leaving the secured areas of an airport until you reach your final destination.

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Tennessee Brew Works is not the only brewery offering such a service. Stone Brewing also offers something similar. The issue is that many airports do not allow travelers to take alcohol with them. Hopefully the success in Tennessee and other locations will provide a positive example and cause widespread change in US airports.

Oh Australia

Most of the readers that visit my site are based in the United States, so I am going to assume that few of you know what Australian Rules Football is. Basically, two teams of 18 players kick a football, that is similar in shape to the American variety, to and amongst each other with the primary aim of kicking the ball through one of three gates made of four goalposts. The team that does this the most times in the limited amount of time wins…. You know what.. this is harder than I thought. Watch this:

OK, so now we’ve got that taken care of, lets get to the crux of the story. The Australian Prime Minister (equivalent of POTUS) was photographed on the weekend at the Australian Rules Football Final (read playoff) between the Sydney Swans and Essendon Bombers. The photo, showing PM Malcolm Turnbull holding his grandchild and a beer simultaneously, has caused tremendous backlash for being irresponsible.

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The PM himself went on record to say that people had blown things way out of proportion. “You’ve just got to be yourself, as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, be yourself, be natural. Anything else you end up being as crazy as the trolls on Twitter,” he told Melbourne-based radio station Triple M.

This is not the first time an Australian Prime Minister has drawn attention for alcohol consumption. Former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, once set the world record for consuming a Sconce Pot of beer in just 11 seconds. This record continues to earn him significant public attention such as this scene at a cricket game in 2014:

So There You Have It

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