Beer Review – Tupps’ Help Now Variety 12 Pack

Well, the world has gone crazy and life is very unpredictable. A new virus has taken the world hostage and we’re all desperately trying to find our feet again.

While the situation is stressful, the response by the craft beer community has been heartening. Seeing breweries and beer snobs alike leap to action to help those in the community who are adversely impacted has been a great thing to see. One such example is the Help Now Variety 12 pack, sold by Tupps Brewery of McKinney, TX.

This mixed pack varies in its contents somewhat, but two beers remain standard. Every 12 pack comes with 4 cans of Juice Pack Pale Ale and National Standard golden ale. It also comes with 4 cans of a rotated group of beers. In this case, I received 4 cans of the Imperial Pastry Sour Ale.

The best thing about this variety pack is its purpose. The bulk of the money you spend on Help Now goes to charity, helping to assist those affected by COVID-19.

So, the mix pack is for a good cause, but how are the beers? Let’s break them down.

Juice Pack DDH Pale Ale

Tupps Brewery’s Juice Pack DDH Pale Ale

First up, I decided to try Juice Pack. I’m a sucker for a well balanced pale ale, and trusted Tupps to deliver.

It pours an opaque, light orange color, a great sign for things to come. Building up a solid head, aromas are orange heavy. Viscosity wise, it’s mid-bodied and silky smooth. A light mixture of dry citrusy flavors and hoppy bite create an awesome tasting experience. Aftertaste is somewhat dry with a mild residual bitterness from the hops.

Overall, this is an incredibly tasty brew that is crushable and a pleasure to drink. I am happy to score this brew 4/5 on Untappd.

Imperial Pastry Sour Ale

Tupps Brewery’s Imperial Pastry Sour Ale

Next up, I decided to try the Imperial Pastry Sour Ale, which is brewed with graham crackers, blackberry and red currants.

The beer pours an opaque maroon color and builds a reasonable head. It presents typical sour aromas, with mild notes of currant. Viscosity wise, it is quite thin bodied and slightly dry. Flavors are fruit-heavy with an emphasis on currant and a mild blackberry bitterness on the back end. The brew is tart and sour overall.

I found this to be a particularly enjoyable brew. It’s thin and tasty, while also packing a reasonable 8.9% ABV. If you’re a fan of sour beer, you should definitely give this a try. I scored it 4.25/5 on Untappd.

National Standard Golden Ale

Tupps Brewery’s National Standard

Last but not least, I cracked the top on a can of National Standard, a golden ale that is listed as low malt and hop, but highly crushable. I must say, this is a candidate for the perfect “active beer”.

It pours a light straw color and builds a short head that quickly recedes. It gives off a fairly malty aroma. It’s very light and crisp, but has quite a lot of flavor.

As stated before, this is an epic “active beer”. It’s a great companion to whatever you’re doing as it is complimentary. While it has lots of flavor, it does not overwhelm. And, at 5.2% it’s not going to destroy you quickly. This is a great beer for the river, the beach, a tailgate, or whatever you’re doing where your beer shouldn’t necessarily be the focus. That said, the flavor is strong and it’s an easy drinker. Consider replacing a macro lager with cans of National Standard. I gave it a 4.25/5 on Untappd.

The Verdict

Tupps’ Help Now Variety 12 Pack is chock full of epic beer for a great cause. The grouping of brews I received were all amazing, and I generally have great experiences with Tupps. If you’re located in the great state of Texas and find this, it’s a must buy in my opinion. Use the beer finder on Tupps’ website to locate a case.

So what beers should I review next? Let me know in the comments or reach out on a Instagram or Facebook! Until next time, happy drinking y’all.


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