Beer Review – Stone Tiki Escape Mix Pack

Beer fans from the US, and many around the world, are likely well aware of Stone Brewing’s reputation for making tremendous beer. For many years now, Stone has been one of the most highly rated and ubiquitous breweries in the nation.

When I recently saw the launch of their Tiki Escape IPA and a corresponding mix pack, I knew it was something I definitely had to pick up. Here’s an overview of what to expect if you pick up Stone Brewing’s Tiki Escape Mix Pack.

Tangerine Express Hazy IPA

Stone’s Tangerine Express Hazy IPA

One of Stone’s long known IPAs, Tangerine Express is solid beer.

It pours a slightly opaque, light amber color with a slightly orange hue. A decent head builds, which dissipates reasonably quickly. A mild aroma presents notes of citrus and a slight tinge of hops.

Mid-bodied and somewhat crisp, tangerine citrus notes are very clear up front. A mild hop-profile gives way to a slight sweetness, and loops around again for the aftertaste which holds.

If you’re a beer fan in the US, there’s a reasonable chance you’ve already tried this brew. It’s a mellow IPA with a mild flavor profile that can lend itself to many situations. If you haven’t tried this, you really should. I rated Tangerine Express 4/5 on Untappd.

Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager

Stone’s Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager

One of Stone’s most recent seasonal beers, released to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, Buenaveza is a Mexican Style Lager brewed with salt and lime. No need to dress this bad boy, just pop the top and enjoy.

It pours a translucent straw color and builds a short head that quickly dissipates. Aroma wise, it’s somewhat biscuity with mild notes of lime.

Buenaveza is thin-bodied and crisp. Flavor wise, it’s somewhat sweet with lots of lime and a touch of salt. Salt and sweetness linger in the aftertaste.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Mexican lager like Corona, Sol, etc. then you owe it to yourself to try a Buenaveza. Stone’s track record of tasty beers persists, even outside their IPA foundation. This brew may not be for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and scored it 4.25/5 on Untappd.

Tiki Escape IPA

Stone’s Tiki Escape IPA

The eponymous brew of this variety pack is Stone’s newly released Tiki Escape IPA. The name and label art suggest an addition of tropical fruit to build the flavor profile. The label, however, explains they sought to replicate the tropical flavors through hop selection alone, leveraging Sabro and Mosaic to do so.

The beer pours a bright, translucent and slightly orange color, building a short head that quickly dissipates. A mild aroma shows subtle notes of sweet tropical fruits.

Viscosity-wise, Tiki Escape is thin and crisp, but it’s also packed with flavor. The sweet tropical notes created by the hop bill are tremendous and could easily pass for an inclusion of mango and a touch of coconut. The bright flavors transition into a nice hoppy bite that overtakes the backend and aftertaste. A mostly bitter aftertaste persists for some time, and is tempered by a hint of sweet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this brew. Thin-bodied and crisp, but packed with flavor and boasting a significant 7.7% ABV, it’s a tremendous brew that you really should try. I rated Tiki Escape 4.5/5 on Untappd.

Scorpion Bowl IPA

Scorpion Bowl IPA

Another of Stone’s pervasive and well known IPAs, Scorpion Bowl closes out the lineup of four brews in the Tiki Escape Mix Pack. Whereas the other three brews are lighter, easy drinkers, Scorpion Bowl is the pack’s heavy hitter—boasting a decent IBU and a hoppier flavor profile.

Scorpion Bowl pours a darker, translucent brown straw color. It builds a more significant head that holds for a little while and creates nice lacing down the glass. A slightly sweet and very hoppy aroma sets the stage for the flavors to come.

It’s a mid-bodied brew that creates a nice mixture of smooth and refreshing. It’s not as crisp as the other brews in this pack, but it’s much smoother as a result. While this is definitely not a hop-bomb, you can expect a sting of hops from front to back and in the aftertaste. The aftertaste persists for some time and continues to build, creating a stronger hoppy profile over time.

Stone is known for great IPA, and Scorpion Bowl is no exception. It’s quite a hoppy brew, but does not overwhelm either. I think it would pair really well with a beef-based dish or a pizza. It might not be the best beer for the beach, river or pool though. I was happy to rate Scorpion Bowl at 4/5 on Untappd.

The Verdict

It’s no surprise that Stone’s curated mix pack is a fundamentally strong collection of brews. Stone has a longstanding tradition of making exceptional beers, particularly IPA. Tiki Escape contains four well-crafted brews in their own right, that compliment each other very well. I highly recommend picking up a Tiki Escape Variety Mix Pack, as a beer fan will likely enjoy all four of the included brews.

What should I review next? Let me know in the comments below, or reach out through Instagram. Until next time, happy drinking!


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