8 Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life

Beer is a lifestyle, and sometimes a confusing and expensive one at that. Thousands of breweries, styles, knickknacks and all matter of other items are available for beer lovers. So, with that in mind, what gift should you give the beer lover in your life? Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or just because, there’s a lot of opportunities to make your beer loving friend/spouse/parent/child’s day! Here’s a few beer-related gifts I recommend!

Fizzics Waytap

Fizzics’ Waytap system replicates draft beer anywhere!

Odds are, the beer lover in your life loves beer on tap. One of the perks of buying beer at a restaurant, bar, or club, draft beer generally has a smooth quality about it that makes it incredibly enjoyable. If you’re looking to recreate that experience at home, the beach, on a hiking trail, or just about anywhere else, Fizzics’ Waytap is the tool for you.

The Waytap allows you to insert cans and bottles into the machine and use their patented technology to replicate a draft system wherever you like. The system can be connected to an outlet or run on AA batteries, accommodating the lifestyle of any beer lover. You may also recognize Fizzics from ABC’s Shark Tank.

Check out Waytap on Amazon


The Zeecooler full of booze

If you’re somewhat outdoorsy, or just enjoy a picnic with your beer lover from time-to-time, the Zeecooler may be the gift for them. This sleekly designed cooler bag holds 10 cans or 6 large bottles of their favorite beer and will keep them cold for 6 hours or more. The case has pockets developed to keep icepacks in place, which allows for a uniform and consistent cooling of the prized contents. This one is a great option for low-octane outdoorsy stuff like grilling, picnics, the beach, etc.

Checkout the Zeecooler on Amazon


The BottleKeeper is the ultimate koozie

Anyone who enjoys beer likely has many koozies laying around, but odds are none can hold a candle to the BottleKeeper. This amazing contraption is an insulated sleeve you can secure around your beer.

The bottom plate unscrews, allowing you to place a nice cold brew inside. The cap helps to further insulate the brew, and fits snuggly to prevent spillage. It also doubles as a bottleopener.

If the beer lover in your life is into anything outdoors, this one is a winner. Whether keeping beers cool out on the lake or at the beach this summer, or insulating hands while camping through the fall and winter, a BottleKeeper is a versatile tool for enhanced beer enjoyment.

Check out the BottleKeeper on Amazon

Does your beer loving friend or relative prefer cans to bottles? No worries, BottleKeeper have you covered with their CanKeeper. It solves the same issues, but it designed to protect and insulate 12oz cans instead.

Check out the CanKeeper on Amazon


The Tubby, a short and wide pint glass, is an amazing piece of glassware

Glassware is an incredibly important part of the beer experience. Ensuring you pair the correct glass with the right beer helps to accentuate the aromas and create an experience of peak enjoyment.

A wide pint glass, such as the Tubby, isn’t the perfect glass for every single beer, but it’s a great choice in most situations. This shorter, wider, pint glass is comfortable in the hand and has a larger mouth, allowing for more aroma to pass. Everyone I know with a Tubby swears by it, so consider picking a set up for the beer lover in your life!

Check out Tubby on Amazon

Magnetic Bottle Opener

A magnetic bottle opener can be a great addition to any beer garden

If your beer lover is known to enjoy a beverage or two in the yard, an investment in a magnetized, fixed bottle opener can be a great gift. This simple piece of hardware comes elegantly packaged and is very easy to install on any wood, or similar, surface. It also comes with a set of coasters, a welcome addition to a very useful gift.

While this one doesn’t need a ton of explanation, it’s sure to make a big impact on your beer lover’s sanctuary.

Check it out on Amazon


The Drafttop will turn any can into an open-topped “glass”

As the summer heats up, and social distancing (hopefully) fades away, your beer loving friend is likely going to find themselves at a pool, a beach or a river. Many of these water-adjacent locales come with a no glass policy, which makes a lot of sense but can be a real dampener on your beer enjoyment.

Let’s face it, a glass is the ultimate way to enjoy a beer. A wide open top allows the beer to breathe more, allowing a full experience of the aroma and for a more flavorful enjoyment of your favorite beverage. And, while no one wants to step on glass shards while barefoot around the water, it’s somewhat of a bummer to have a less-than-perfect beer experience.

That’s where the fine folks at Drafttop come in. This nifty little gadget allows you to cut off the top section of your can, leaving your drinking vessel with the properties of a glass, without the shardy risks. A wide open-topped can that will enhance your beer experience, and will safely crush down when you’re done. This one is a no-brainer!

Check out the Drafttop at Drattop.com!

Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit

Craft A Brew’s Home Brewing Kits will walk you through your first home brew

Home brewing is a thought that may well have crossed your beer lover’s mind. For those who haven’t tried it before, it can be a daunting idea. But it doesn’t have to be.

Home brewing kits such as Craft A Brew’s 1 Gallon Hefeweizen kit, pictured above, come with all the equipment needed (and step-by-step instructions) to walk you through brewing a batch of beer. So whether this is your beer lover’s first time brewing beer, or they’re just looking for a fun way to brew another batch, home brewing kits like those offered by Craft A Brew may be just what they need.

Check out this Home Brewing Kit on Amazon

Please note this kit does not include bottles for storing the beer once it is complete. I recommend these reusable swing top bottles and this no-rinse cleanser to keep all the brewing equipment and bottles clean without impacting the beer.

Snowfox Insulated Pint Glass

Snowfox’s insulated pint glasses look great and are very comfortable to handle

A well-crafted insulated glass is a great accessory for beer drinkers of all kinds. I really enjoy my Snowfox glass because it’s ergonomically designed to fit a hand just right, it’s aesthetically pleasing with its minimalist design and stainless steel exterior, and it’s amazing at keeping beer cool.

While I’ve not yet conducted a temperature test, I notice the beer temperature stays cooler for a longer period of time than when compared to conventional glassware. This is a great choice for all sorts of beer lovers!

Check out these Snowfox glasses on Amazon

These are just a few of the amazing beer gadgets and knickknacks I have tried out over the past few years. Did I miss something you enjoy? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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