Beer Review – Alpha Abstraction DIPA Vol. 13

Rotating hop series are always fun to enjoy and revisit over time. With each edition, you get to explore the complexities and properties of each hop strain and it can really help to train your beer tasting skills.

I’m confident in saying Wild Leap Brew Co.’s Alpha Abstraction is one of the best rotating hop series in the United States. Over the last few years, the folks in La Grange, GA have put out several varieties of their flagship double IPA, and all have been of great quality.

I was happy to recently receive some beer mail from the folks at Wild Leap, and was excited to see a couple of Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13 cans looking back at me.

Alpha Abstraction DIPA Vol. 13 by Wild Leap Brew Co. (La Grange, GA)

These Friday the 13th inspired cans contain super craft beer. The hop of choice for Vol. 13 is Sabro, a trendy hop I’ve been able to sample in several brews lately.

Citrusy and clean aromas give off mild notes of coconuty Sabro. Pouring a bright, hazy color one would expect of an NEIPA, it develops a mild head which recess quite quickly.

Smooth and mid-bodied, Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13 is a rollercoaster of flavor. Opening with a mild sweetness, the typical citrusy notes of the style are complimented by a rich coconuty flavor and a piney bite from the Sabro.

The well leveraged flavors create a touch of sweetness and a nice piney aftertaste that maintains and builds somewhat over the duration of the brew.

Yet again, Wild Leap have knocked it out of the park. Their Alpha Abstraction series is truly wonderful and brewed with love. Throughout their reasonably short existence, they’ve grown exponentially and received high praise from many, both of which are well deserved.

If you have a chance go try Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13, or any other edition of the series, you would be failing yourself to not check it out. Having now tried 11 of the 13 brews, my Untappd ratings have averaged right around 4.5/5. I was happy to give this version a 4.75/5!

A big thanks to Wild Leap for sharing this version, and several of the prior versions, to me for review.


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