Master of Marzen 2020 – Round 2, Bout 3: Jack’s Abby vs. Night Shift

Round 2, Bout 3 of Master of Marzen 2020 is an all Massachusetts afair, as Jack’s Abby takes on Night Shift.

This will be my first time trying a Jack’s Abby brew, and I enjoyed Night Shift’s Steinbier in their first round bout. Let’s see how this one turns out!

Check out the 2020 Master of Marzen Round 2 draw.

Packaging Deisgn

This one is an interesting bout for packaging design. Neither brewery did the entirely traditional Oktoberfest thing, but each drew in elements while putting on their own spin.

Jack’s Abby’s Copper Legend draws in the traditional diagonal check, opting for gold and maroon that ties into the copper of its name. They also use gargoyle silhouettes throughout the can. Night Shift kept their trademark owl motif, but included some of the lion/gargoyle silhouettes and chose an appropriate font.

I am giving the edge to Jack’s Abby. Their use of the diagonal check was a classy touch. Running total: Jack’s Abby 1-0 Night Shift.


Copper Legend gives off quite a strong aroma. It’s grainy, malty, and reasonably sweet. I’m hoping this translates to a very flavorful Oktoberfest brew.

Night Shift gives off an equally as strong aroma. It’s a much dryer smell, and leads with the malts you might expect of the style.

Both beers offered a powerful and malty aroma, but I am giving a slight edge to Jack’s Abby. Running total: Jack’s Abby 2-0 Night Shift.


Copper Legend is malty and sweet up front, with a well balanced hoppy bitterness on the backend. A mild malt and a refreshing hoppiness retain in the aftertaste. It’s slightly herbal, but a very tasty brew.

Steinbier is dry, effervescent and malty. It has a deeper flavor than its competitor, but balances it well with a very refreshing brew.

Given its deeper flavor, this point goes to Night Shift. Running total: Jack’s Abby 2-1 Night Shift.


Copper Legend is a thin and easy drinking brew. However, it does not sacrifice flavor for drinkability. A nice sweetness rounds out a flavorful experience without overwhelming.

Steinbier is much dryer, but equally drinkable. It has a higher effervescence without becoming bloating. A well rounded flavor and an easy drinking body makes for a damn good beer.

Jack’s Abby’s Copper Legend on the left and Nigh Shift’s Steinbier on the right.

Both returned some head but neither laced particularly well. With that in mind, it all comes down to the mouthfeel.

Dryer and more effervescent, I give the edge to Night Shift here. Running total: Jack’s Abby 2-2 Night Shift.

People’s Choice

As in last year’s tournament, my Instagram followers have the opportunity to shape the decisions of each bout. In the 24 hours directly preceding each bout, a poll is placed on my Instagram story. Whoever has the most votes when the poll closes, takes this fifth criteria. So how did it shape up?

This was a close one, but Night Shift brought in just a few more votes and snuck past Jack’s Abby. Running total: Jack’s Abby 2-3 Night Shift.


Another close bout that went down to the wire. Night Shift were able to take a step forward and progress to round 3, where they will meet either The Brewing Projekt or Key Brewing.

Be sure to check back regularly and to follow me on Instagram for your latest updates and opportunity to vote on each bout throughout the tournament. Until next time, cheers y’all!

Check out the 2020 Master of Marzen Round 2 draw.


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