Master of Marzen 2020 – 3rd Place Final: 4 By 4 Brewing vs. Double Nickel Brewing

The 3rd Place Final of Master of Marzen 2020 sees 4 By 4 Brewing (MO) vs. Double Nickel Brewing (NJ).

Two amazing brews who almost made the Championship Final. I’m looking forward to seeing which brew can claim 3rd place!

Packaging Design

Two very different takes on can design here.

4 By 4’a O’Zapft Is! features fall-themed iconography and colors against a black background. The symmetrical layout is pretty cool too.

Double Nickel’s Zeitgeist is a great combination of tradition and modernity. The interesting, modern take on the traditional blue and white check is one of my favorite designs of the tournament.

No surprises here, but Zeitgeist takes this point. Running total 4 By 4 0-1 Double Nickel.


O’Zapft Is! offers a deep and malty aroma. It’s slight sweet and has an inherent warmth, which really adds another layer to the toasted malts. A touch of hoppiness on the nose rounds things out tremendously.

Zeitgeist has a pleasant smelling, yet not as powerful aroma. It also offers some maltiness, but leans more on the hoppiness, offering little to no sweetness.

The depth and warmth of 4 By 4’s O’Zapft Is! really sets it apart. Running total: 4 By 4 1-1 Double Nickel.


O’Zapft Is! offers tons of malt on the front end. The backend offers a compliment of sweetness and a slight herbal warmth. It’s aftertaste is sweet and herbal, with a nice toasted hop bite. It retains between mouthfuls and builds a little bit. A great mix of flavors!

Zeitgeist offers a much more consistent flavor profile. It opens with a powerful mix of malty and hoppy notes. A touch of sweetness briefly appears in the backend. The aftertaste is deep a malty, with a slight bitterness add from the hops. It retains but does not build. Also an awesome brew.

I give a really slight edge to Double Nickel’s Zeitgeist here. The beer is a bit drier, which really draws the best out of the malts. Running total: 4 By 4 1-2 Double Nickel.


As you can see below, neither beer really retained a head. Also, both beers laced a little. This one will come down to mouthfeel alone.

4 By 4’s O’Zapft Is! on the left and Double Nickel’s Zeitgeist on the right.

O’Zapft Is! is mid-bodied and smooth. While it’s quite sweet, it still manages a crisp experience, which is a great balance. A mild mouth coating occurs after time.

Zeitgeist is drier and lighter, without sacrificing flavor. It’s incredibly smooth, and very easy to drink.

I have to give this one to Zeitgeist. It’s smooth and flavorful, while retaining a light, dry and easy to drink experience. Running total: 4 By 4 1-3 Double Nickel.

People’s Choice

As in last year’s tournament, my Instagram followers have the opportunity to shape the decisions of each bout. In the 24 hours directly preceding each bout, a poll is placed on my Instagram story. Whoever has the most votes when the poll closes, takes this fifth criteria. So how did it shape up?

A fairly competitive People’s Choice sees 4 By 4 take the point. Running total: 4 By 4 2-3 Double Nickel.


4 By 4 tightened things up, but it won’t be enough to edge out Double Nickel. Double Nickel’s Zeitgeist takes 3rd place of Master of Marzen 2020.

Be sure to check back for the results of the final when California’s Eight Bridges take on Oklahoma’s Twisted Spike.


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