Beer Review – Space Pizza

If you’re active in the online beer scene, there’s a chance you’ve seen this one floating around out there.

In recent times, Fort Worth TX’s Martin House Brewing has trended regularly with some pretty whacky beer flavors.

While I had heard lots of negative reviews, when I saw it in the flesh I couldn’t help but pick it up. Here are my thoughts on the unusually flavored Space Pizza.

Martin House Brewing’s Space Pizza
  • Brewery: Martin House
  • Origin: Forth Worth, Texas
  • Style: Who knows?
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU: 14

Space Pizza pours an opaque, amber-y color and pours a thin head that dissipates quickly. Minimal lacing occurs.

The aroma is one of the strangest I’ve ever tried. With the beer placed a few feet away, it smells like pizza dough. A strong, yeast bread flavor, with a touch of tomato and oregano. With my eyes closed, I would think I was sitting by a freshly baked pizza.

The flavor is even more perplexing than the aroma. It opens with a tart and slightly sour, bready base. Suddenly, a rush of marinara sauce and herbs hit. The backend is a crazy mix of these flavors and a touch of garlic.

Aftertaste wise is where this beer is at its weakest. It’s a crazy mix of flavor making it hard to pick specific notes. I found myself bracing for the aftertaste each mouthful.

This beer is out there, that’s for sure. In some ways it’s brilliant. It smells like a pizza and tastes somewhat like a pizza. Unfortunately, smelling and tasting like pizza doesn’t necessarily translate to an enjoyable brew.

While beer is an excellent accompaniment to pizza, this experience reinforced my preconception that they should not be combined into this format.


Honestly, I’m glad I tried it. Martin House should be commended for their willingness to push the envelope and how uncannily they matched pizza in the beer’s aroma. I’m fairly certain there’s and audience for this, I’m just sure I’m not part of it. This one is one and done for me.

What are you drinking today? Let me know in the comments or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook! Until next time, happy drinking!


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