Master of Marzen 2021 – Round 2, Bout 5: Austin Beerworks vs. Telluride Brewing Co.

Round 2, Bout 5 of Master of Marzen 2021 sees Austin Beerworks (Texas) vs. Telluride Brewing Company (Colorado).

Both breweries are first-time entrants in 2021. Austin Beerworks met Live Oak in Round 1 and Telluride progressed against Autumn Arch. Let’s see how this one goes.

Packaging Design

Austin Beerworks’ Montecore on the left and Telluride’s OktoberFISH on the right.

Two very elaborate cans here.

Montecore’s label consists of vibrant yellow and shades of purple. Icons including doves, pretzels, hats and more litter the foreground, making for a very interesting visual experience.

Telluride’s OktoberFISH has quite a whimsical label. The background of the can adopts the Bavarian check that’s synonymous with Oktoberfest, and the foreground shows the can dressed up in festive lederhosen.

While I enjoy both, I this one has to go to Telluride. Running total: Austin Beerworks 0-1 Telluride.


Montecore offers a powerfully warm aroma that sees heat linger for quite some time. The malty qualities are somewhat dry and reasonably earthy. It sets the tone for what should be a very tasty brew.

OktoberFISH also offers a tamer, yet warm and malty aroma. I’m also inclined to expect a very tasty brew, based on this aroma.

On the balance of intensity, this one goes to Montecore. Running total: Austin Beerworks 1-1 Telluride.


Montecore kicks the door in from the outset. An intense wave of earthy malts with just a touch of sweetness exists from front to back. A dry earthy aftertaste retains well and builds a little between sips.

OktoberFISH opens milder, but sees an intense rush of flavors quickly arrive. The backend is particularly malty, a flavor that retains into the backend and builds a bit.

After a few more sips, I’m giving the edge to Telluride here. The rollercoaster of flavor is particularly well balanced and very tasty. Running total: Austin Beerworks 1-2 Telluride.


Montecore is a light-bodied and smooth brew with a low carbonation point. It coats the mouth liberally. OktoberFISH is a mid-bodied brew with an even lower carbonation. A slight boozy heat also impacts the mouthfeel.

Austin Beerworks’ Montecore on the left and Telluride’s OktoberFISH on the right.

As you can see above, the beers are comparably colored, though OktoberFISH is probably a bit more opaque. Both brews performed comparably as far as head retention is concerned, but OktoberFISH has a clear advantage on lacing.

With that in mind, this point goes to Telluride. Running total: Austin Beerworks 1-3 Telluride.

People’s Choice

As always, we turn to public polling for the fifth and final criterion. Let’s see who secured the People’s Choice.

Poll results: Austin Beerworks 75% to Telluride 25%.

As you can see above, Austin Beerworks took the People’s Choice quite handily, securing 75% of the vote. Running total: Austin Beerworks 2-3 Telluride.


Austin Beerworks mounted a late comeback, but Telluride are the victors today. They now move onto Round 3 where they’ll meet the victor of Pulpit Rock vs. Toms River.

Be asure to check back regularly for updated results, and to follow @sargentsuds on Instagram so you can vote on all polls throughout the tournament.


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