Master of Marzen 2021 – Round 2, Bout 10: Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company vs. Freetail Brewing Co.

Round 2, Bout 10 of Master of Marzen 2021 sees Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company (California) vs. Freetail Brewing Co. (Texas).

Devil’s Canyon are first time entrants of Master of Marzen, while Freetail have entered all three of the annual tournaments. Devil’s Canyon booked a trip to Round 2 after progressing past Shiner in Round 1. Freetail made this bout after getting the best of Dynasty in their first bout. Let’s see how this one goes.

Packaging Design

Devil’s Canyon’s Festbier on the left and Freetail’s Oktoberfiesta on the right.

Devil’s Canyon leveraged a blue-on-blue can design with an elaborate design that reminds me of a crown across the front. A yellow f that looks vaguely like Facebook’s logo is prominently placed. It’s a sleek can and the yellow text makes a pleasant contrast.

Freetail’s vibrant orange can highlights the cultural mixing pot that is San Antonio. A Día de Los Muertos-esque skeleton, dressed in Oktoberfest garb and holding a Texan stein makes for a very interesting label design.

While I enjoy both labels, I have to give the edge to Freetail here. Running total: Devil’s Canyon 0-1 Freetail.


Devil’s Canyon Festbier offers a mild and malty aroma. It’s clean, but doesn’t linger long on the nose.

Oktoberfiesta offers a markedly more intense aroma. It’s malty and floral, with a slight warmth that holds on the nose.

Both are tasty smelling brews, but I have to give an edge to Freetail based on its intensity and balance. Running total: Devil’s Canton 0-2 Freetail.


Devil’s Canyon’s brew is a uniformly flavorful brew from front to back. A mix of bready malts and a clean earthiness dominate the flavor. The earthiness holds on the aftertaste and builds a tad between sips. It’s a clean and enjoyable brew.

Oktoberfiesta opens milder, but sees an intense rush of earthy toasted malts and floral sweetness dominate the backend. A mostly earthy, but slightly sweet, backend pushes into the he aftertaste where the sweetness dissipates and the earthy bitterness holds and builds slightly.

On balance, the edge has to go to Freetail here. Their brew is more intense and slightly better balanced. Running total: Devil’s Canyon 0-3 Freetail.


Devil’s Canyon’s brew is a light-bodied and smooth brew with a reasonably low carbonation. It presents a light amber and is highly translucent.

Oktoberfiesta is mid-bodied and smooth with a comparably-low carbonation. It’s a smooth brew but the effervescence is slightly concerning for bloat factor.

Devil’s Canyon’s Festbier on the left and Freetail’s Oktoberfiesta on the right.

As you can see above, Devil’s Canyon’s brew is slightly lighter and more translucent. Head retention is about even, but Devil’s Canyon holds a clear advantage as far as lacing is concerned.

With a slightly smoother mouthfeel and a significantly higher propensity to lace, Devil’s Canyon takes this point. Running total: Devil’s Canyon 1-3 Freetail.

People’s Choice

The fifth criterion for this tournament is the People’s Choice. Let’s check out the poll results.

Poll results: Devil’s Canyon 62% and Freetail 38%.

As you can see above, Devil’s Canyon won the poll quite convincingly, having received 62% of the vote. Running total: Devil’s Canyon 2-3 Freetail.


Devil’s Canyon mounted a strong comeback late in the bout, but it was not enough. Freetail now progress to Round 3 where they’ll meet Twelve Guns.

Be asure to check back regularly for updated results, and to follow @sargentsuds on Instagram so you can vote on all polls throughout the tournament.


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