Science (Currently) States Beer is Good For You

Over the past few years, there have been many studies bemoaning the health issues tied to beer. Like many other enjoyable consumables (particularly red meat, bacon) alcohol is continually being put through the scientific ringer with researchers apparently unable to decide whether or not beer is good for you. Recently, I have seen a number of articles suggesting the health benefits of beer. While this is clearly not exhaustive, and the health risks of consuming large amounts of alcohol are well documented, if I can get science to tell me that drinking a beer is OK, I will drink a damn beer. So here's a rundown of some of the pro-beer science of recent weeks.

No More Talking S#!t In Pubs?

Adult language and adult beverages, a quintessential combination of supposed adulthood. But it seems the time-honored tradition of having a few pints and telling tall stories may be numbered. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Samuel Smith Old Brewery, which manages more than 200 pubs in the UK, has decided to ban its patrons from swearing.

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