Chilly Water Brewing Company – Signature Six

Welcome to the inaugural post in my Signature Six Series. Throughout this blog series, I aim to make a deep dive into a mixed six-pack that best represents the style and substance of a brewery.

Master of Marzen 2021 – Round 4, Bout 3: Freetail vs. 4 By 4

Round 4, Bout 3 of Master of Marzen 2021 sees Freetail Brewing Co. (Texas) vs. 4 By 4 Brewing Company (Missouri). Freetail make their third Master or Marzen appearance, having entered every iteration to date, an qualified after a third round bout against Twelve Guns. 4 By 4 returns for their second tournament and progressed from their previous bout with Elmhurst. Let’s see how this goes.

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