Beer Review – Dos Equis


Dos XX (pronounced dos eh-keys) is a lager brewed in Mexico since 1897. It is 4.8% ABV (alcohol by volume).

About the Brand

If you have watched television at any point in the last five to ten years, you’ve probably seen an ad or two including this guy…


For many years, the Most Interesting Man In the World has achieved highly improbable things and washing down his adventures with a cold Dos Equis. The pervasive “stay thirsty my friends” advertising campaign continues to air in several countries world wide, although it has recently seen a bit of a facelift.

The Most Interesting Man in the World has been a resounding success. At the time of the campaign launch, Dos XX experienced underwhelming sales, primarily in the California and Texas markets. Between the ads 2006 debut and 2012, Dos XX skyrocketed to become the 6th highest selling imported beer in the U.S. market.

About the Beer

Dos XX’s presents a light-yellow, transparent appearance. Its smooth, light and watery consistency makes it a great choice for passive consumption. Served chilled at a beach, park or as an accompaniment to many other social situations, Dos XX’s unassuming profile means most beer fans will drink it, although this doesn’t necessarily mean they will like it.

Personally, I see Dos XX as a good choice of beer to always have on hand. I am more than happy to drink a couple on the weekends or when hosting others. Generally, I have seen indifferent or better responses to Dos XX in friends and family.

Dos XX on a hot day or paired with a plate of Mexican food can be hard to beat. Due to its weak flavor profile, Dos XX can easily be paired with many dishes without competing with the flavors of your food.

I personally enjoy Dos XX as a supporting cast member. It’s hard to envision a time when Dos XX would dominate a situation. That said, it is a great supporting beverage for most situations. I would gladly choose a Dos XX over many of the other beers in a similar market segment.


Dos XX’s non-threatening taste and texture makes it a safe bet for many situations. Like many Mexican style lagers, its passive flavor sees it often paired with salt or lime. If you dislike similar beers (Tecate, Corona, etc.) you probably will dislike Dos XX too.

Rating: 6/10

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite Mexican lager? Comment below and let me know!



3 thoughts on “Beer Review – Dos Equis

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  1. This is a great review. I love the attention to detail and that you put eh-keys as the pronunciation instead of “ay-keys” as many English speakers would put it.

    Aside from that I completely agree with your analysis of the beer. A good go-to beer but it doesn’t seperate itself above other beers, and is honestly not very different from common, “every day” beers.

    My favorite Mexican beer is Bohemia, with Negro Modelo in 2nd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing! Negra Modelo is great (actually planning on writing a review soon!) but I don’t believe I’ve tried Bohemia… yet.


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