Master of Marzen 2021 – Round 1

The third edition of Master and Marzen is bigger and better than ever. With 50+ breweries involved, this tournament is going to be awesome.

So let’s go ahead and get things rolling. Here’s this year’s draw.

The Draw

  1. Round 1, Bout 1 – West Side Brewing (Ohio) vs. Ironshield Brewing (Georgia)
  2. Round 1, Bout 2 – AleSmith Brewing Company (California) vs. Saint Arnold Brewing Company (Texas)
  3. Round 1, Bout 3 – Mistress Brewing Company (Iowa) vs. Hop and Sting Brewing Company (Texas)
  4. Round 1, Bout 4 – Mastry’s Brewing Company (Florida) vs. Hop and Barrel Brewing (Wisconsin)
  5. Round 1, Bout 5 – Tucker Brewing Company (Georgia) vs. Sudwerk Brewing Company (California)
  6. Round 1, Bout 6 – 14th Star Brewing Company (Vermont) vs. Sailfish Brewing Company (Florida)
  7. Round 1, Bout 7 – Steam Theory Brewing Company (Texas) vs. Lost Rhino Brewing Company (Virginia)
  8. Round 1, Bout 8 – Live Oak Brewing Company (Texas) vs. Austin Beerworks (Texas)
  9. Round 1, Bout 9 – Autumn Arch Beer Project (Delaware) vs. Telluride Brewing Company (Colorado)
  10. Round 1, Bout 10 – Pulpit Rock Brewing Company (Iowa) vs. Hi-Wire Brewing Company (North Carolina)
  11. Round 1, Bout 11 – Rahr & Sons Brewing Company (Texas) vs. Toms River Brewing (New Jersey)
  12. Round 1, Bout 12 – Zero Gravity Brewery (Vermont) vs. Back Unturned Brewing Company (Texas)
  13. Round 1, Bout 13 – Spiteful Brewing (Illinois) [formerly Alternate 6] vs. Equal Parts Brewing Company (Texas)
  14. Round 1, Bout 14 – Mad Tree Brewing (Ohio) ve. Southern Star Brewing (Texas) [formerly alternate 1]
  15. Round 1, Bout 15 – Call to Arms Brewing Company (Colorado) vs. Great Lakes Brewing Company (Ohio)
  16. Round 1, Bout 16 – Oliphant Brewing (Wisconsin) vs. Urban South Brewing Company (Louisiana) [formerly alternate 2]
  17. Round 1, Bout 17 – Devil’s Canyon Brewery (California) vs. Shiner Beer (Texas)
  18. Round 1, Bout 18 – Freetail Brewing Company (Texas) vs. Dynasty Brewing Company (Virginia)
  19. Round 1, Bout 19 – Avery Brewing Company (Colorado) vs. 4 By 4 Brewing Company (Missouri)
  20. Round 1, Bout 20 – Enegren Brewing Company Marzen (California) [formerly Alternate 4]vs. the Fermentorium Brewery (Wisconsin)
  21. Round 1, Bout 21 – Elmhurst Brewing Company (Illinois) vs. Prost Brewing Company (Colorado)
  22. Round 1, Bout 22 – Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers (Massachusetts) vs. Elsewhere Brewing (Georgia)
  23. Round 1, Bout 23 – SingleCut Beersmiths (New York) [formerly Alternate 5] vs. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (California and North Carolina)
  24. Round 1, Bout 24 – Panther Island Brewing Company (Texas) vs. Real Ale Brewing Company (Texas)
  25. Round 1, Bout 25 – Ingenious Brewing Company (Texas) vs. DESTIHL Brewery (Illinois)
  26. Round 1, Bout 26 – East Brother Beer Company (California) vs. Austin Brothers Beer Company (Michigan)
  27. Round 1, Bout 27 – Chilly Water Brewing (Indiana) vs. Six Bridges Brewing (Georgia)
  28. Round 1, Bout 28 – Enegren Brewing Company Festbier (California) [formerly Alternate 3] vs. Sketchbook Brewing Company (Illinois)
  29. Round 1, Bout 29 – Main and Mill Brewing Company (Missouri) vs. MobCraft Beer (Wisconsin)
  30. Round 1, Bout 30 – de Bine Brewing Company (Florida) vs. Twisted Spike Brewing (Oklahoma)

First round byes – two breweries were randomly assigned a first round bye. TUPPS Brewery (Texas) will face the winner of Round 1, Bout 1. Twelve Guns Brewing (Rhode Island) will face the winner of Round 1, Bout 16.

Alternates – As some entries are pending at the time of the tournament draw, six alternate positions have been cast. Breweries whose entries arrive after publishing will be assigned the next sequential numerical alternate spot, based on order of receipt. Should alternate slots remain unclaimed when all other bouts of round one are complete, the breweries cast to face the alternates will progress directly into round two.

Follow Along and Get Involved

Write ups for each bout of the tournament will be hosted here, at Voting polls for each bout will be conducted on @sargentsuds Instagram, so be sure to check back regularly and cast your vote for People’s Choice!


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