Master of Marzen 2019 Countdown

Only two weeks remain until the start of the Master of Marzen. If you haven’t read my last post about the bracket, explaining the concept and rules, check it out now.

Entered Breweries

The amount of support I’ve received from breweries has been great! As of today I have received beer from 10 breweries and expect to receive somewhere in the realm of 10 more beers for entry.

Per the rules outlined in my previous post, beers will be “seeded” in the order they received and then randomly drawn to fill out the bracket. The seeding so far stands as:

  1. Rahr and Sons (Forth Worth, TX)
  2. Oak Highlands (Dallas, TX)
  3. Legal Draft (Arlington, TX)
  4. Southern Star (Conroe, TX)
  5. Coop Ale Works (Oklahoma City, OK)
  6. Von Trapp (Stowe, VT)
  7. Shiner (Shiner, TX)
  8. Ale Asylum (Madison, WI)
  9. Live Oak (Austin, TX)
  10. Left Hand (Longmont, CO)

As more beers arrive over the next two weeks, they will be assigned a seed. The draw will be finalized in the first week of September.

Following the Bracket

Head-to-head matchups will be covered on this website, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Be sure to subscribe and check back regularly to see how the bracket progresses.


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