Beer Review – Saint Arnold Lawnmower

  • Name: Lawnmower
  • Brewery: Saint Arnold Brewing Company
  • Style: Kolsch
  • Origin: Texas
  • ABV: 4.9%

If you live in, or have visited, the State of Texas and like beer, odds are you have come across Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Based out of Houston, Saint Arnold has developed a wonderful reputation for brewing awesome beer. In the past few weeks, I had tried their 5 O’Clock Pils and Summer Pils. Time and again, I received advice to try out their Lawnmower Kolsh, so when I saw a bottle of it at my local H-E-B I had to pick it up.

Unsurprisingly, Lawnmower presents a yellow, transparent color. It is highly carbonated and smells like malt. So far so good. Considering this is a Kolsch, I’m not surprised by its appearance and smell. I expect a nice, crisp and refreshing brew. If it were brewed by anyone else, I would also expect it to be fairly watered-down, but I know Saint Arnold better than that.

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The flavor is surprisingly deep, for a Kolsch style beer. While malts are definitely the predominate flavor, its more full-bodied than many similar brews. It has the slightest amount of bitterness that ads another layer of complexity. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a light and thin beer – it’s not going to hold a candle to an IPA or stout, but it’s got a lot more going for it than say a Budweiser.

All in all, I see this beer being a lifesaver in the Texan summer heat. If you’re looking for light and refreshing, this is one of the better options I’ve tried. Many of my “hop-head” beer friends probably wont get a whole lot out of this, but I personally think its a quality brew. I would recommend this to anyone.

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If you like things bitter and heavy, this beer is not for you. But if you’re in the market for something clean, crisp and light you’re onto a winner. This is a very well crafted brew, as are all of the Saint Arnold brews I’ve had the pleasure of trying thus far. I have no hesitation in recommending this brew.

Rating: 8/10

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